Want to bring some sunlight into your designs? Do so with our sun stickers. These professional images of the sun are perfect for all sorts of projects, from birthday cards to posters with inspirational quotes to more avant-garde designs. 

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Use Sun Stickers in All of Your Creations

When you’re ready to take your social media visuals to the next level or revamp your website, start by searching our extensive library of sunshine stickers for professional, free-to-use images. Our sun and moon stickers take celestial greatness and bring it down to earth, transforming it into a digital asset you can use in your everyday posts and designs. And, (even though the sun itself is a star) if you want to go beyond the sun and moon and find a starry nightscape, you can also bring one up with a quick search.

Search our library by using pointed search terms that describe exactly what you are looking for. Try phrases like “cute sun sticker” if you’re looking for a laid-back image or “small sun stickers” if you have a size requirement for your design. If you’re making a design that will feature several sky themes, you can look for nightscapes by searching for “moon stickers.”

Our collection of sun stickers is almost as vast as the sky itself, so search widely and find exactly the right image for your design. These images are free and you can use them wherever you wish, from social media to professional sites to print media.

If you want to put your own spin on a sun sticker, you can. These images are fully customizable, which means that you can apply effects to them, add text, layer in other stickers on top of them, and cut, crop, and stretch. 

Go beyond just customizing sun stickers and make designs that layer several images of rays. You can play around with transparencies to make an edgy design and explore your most artistic side. Don’t hold back. The “sun’s” the limit, as we like to say.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can make your own sun stickers from scratch using our easy drag-and-drop tools to add photos, graphics, texts, and transformative effects.    

You can use sun stickers on any kind of design you want. Insert them in invitations, birthday e-cards, flyers, posters, and use Picsart to combine them with text and shapes. Check out our handy templates for cards, invites, posters, and more, into which you can simply drop your favorite sunshine photos for a professional-looking design in just seconds. Your friends and family will love nothing more than receiving a personalized image that’s imbued with your special artistic touch. 

Our high-quality stickers are also prime for printing. They are high-resolution images that can be printed on holiday decorations, tote bags, T-shirts, ‘zines, posters, and more. 

When you’re ready to start designing with sun stickers, have some fun exploring our extensive library of images. And, don’t stop there. You can use keywords to search for whatever stickers your heart desires, so follow your creativity wherever it should go.