Let’s face it — almost all photos posted online have gone through some editing process. Seeing is believing, and thumb-stopping photo effects are just the beginning of how businesses and brands can make their images stand out from the crowd. When you need to create eye-catching imagery for marketing purposes — be it for social media, your website, blog, or email blasts — it’s crucial to present polished, professional-looking pictures that will capture your audience’s attention in a positive way. 

But how do you get those with limited time and budget? Meet PicsArt’s dynamic trio: Object Removal tool, Background Changer tool, and Background Remover tool. All of these and more can be found in our desktop Photo Editor. Object Removal is designed to remove unwanted objects from photos, Background Changer swaps a plain backdrop with a design of your choice, and Background Remover removes the background from your image altogether. Check out how each of these easy-to-use tools can help you create a more professional look for all your business marketing needs in just a few clicks.

Get Rid of Unwanted Clutter in Seconds

How many times has this happened? You get home from a day of shooting and sit down to edit your near-perfect photo, then realize there’s something in the background. The nuisance can be a phone, dirty napkin, stain, rip in a tablecloth, person, powerline, etc. With PicsArt’s Object Removal tool, you can get rid of anything standing in the way of you and that flawless shot in mere seconds. You can remove unwanted objects from photos and you can even use the tool to remove people from photos.  How so? Simply upload the image from your desktop to the tool and use your mouse to brush over the area you want deleted. Then click “Remove,” and let our AI work its magic before your very eyes. It’s that simple! Next time you come across another near-perfect shot, don’t stress. Just let PicsArt take care of it. 

Remove Any Photo Backdrop in One Click

Is there too much going on in the backdrop of your product shot? Maybe you just don’t like the look of it and want to remove the background from your image. Background Remover tool to the rescue! All you have to do is upload an image from your desktop to the online tool and the smart technology will automatically remove the background for you! You can choose to leave it as is (with no background) or add any sticker or new background to it. Voila! A whole new photo, primed and ready for digital publication.  

Swap a Plain Photo Background for a Pretty One

If you decide you want to completely change up the background of your image, PicsArt’s Background Changer tool is perfect for that. There are times when the background of an image is fine but you know it could be decidedly better before you post it online. If you’re short on inspiration or time, simply upload your image from your desktop to the Background Changer tool, then click “Edit” to peruse new background options. You can upload your own image to make it the new background or you can choose an image from our extensive #FreeToEdit library. There’s no limit to how many images you can try, so play around with as many backgrounds until you find the perfect one for you. Check out some of our favorite backdrops in the example below and go make awesome!


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Make Awesome

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