Let’s be real — it can be kind of intimidating when you’re learning how to draw, especially if you’re just learning how to use layers. But PicsArt’s Drawing Tool makes it really easy to do it all, whether you want to doodle or draw on photos or make incredible digital drawings. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most popular easy drawing tutorials from 2016 for you to test out. We promise they’re all simple to follow and the results are awesome. Trust us, you’ll live for these once you give them a try.

Dotted Outline Easy Drawing Tutorial

This is one of our personal favorites because it’s so easy to do and looks so cool! The dotted outline trend hit the PicsArt community in a big way, and it’s still going strong. Check out the drawing tutorial to learn how to draw dotted outlines on your photos with PicsArt’s Drawing Tool.

Neon Sky Lights Easy Drawing Tutorial

Remember Lite-Brites? Well, this is the the cool, adult version for making your images pop with neon designs. Not to mention, the neon paintbrush is much easier to use than the toy. This easy drawing tutorial is definitely one to keep in your repertoire.

Grime Art Drawing Tutorial

Grime art was HUGE last year, and you can make your own grime art drawings really easily using PicsArt’s Drawing Tool. Pretty pictures are overrated. Check out our grime art drawing tutorial for some grimey alternatives.

Sketched Portrait Drawing Tutorial

In this drawing tutorial we show you how to use layers to combine photo editing and drawing to make some really cool portraits. Definitely not one to miss!

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