Father’s Day Clipart

Some superheros don’t wear capes – they are called Dads! So Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome superhero dads out there! This Father’s Day make sure you give your dad a present that will stay with him for years. Not really sure what will make him happy? PicsArt’s got you covered! Use the Father’s Day Clipart pack and make edits that will make any pic of you and the world’s best dad a thematic gift that he will appreciate.

This is a pack of punny, cute and funny 10 Clipart that are right there, waiting for you to upload your and the world’s coolest dad’s pics, and make the Father’s Day edits that will make even the most serious and manly dad’s heart melt.

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Father's Day Clipart preview by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppWho are Father’s Day Clipart for?

Ughh.. Who aren’t they even for?! Boys and girls, wives and girlfriends, aunts and grandmas – it’s your chance to tell someone from your surrounding what a great dad you think he is! Oh, and you can do so in a stylish, funny way using Father’s Day Clipart pack. It’s super fun and super easy!

Dads do deserve at least one day of recognition of their efforts and importance, so don’t miss your chance to show how valuable you find that manly yet tender figure that is so essential to you.

Where to Find Father’s Day Clipart?

Find Father’s Day Clipart in the PicsArt Shop or in the Stickers menu. Just tap the Clipart icon and scroll through the menu, or simply type “Father” into the search bar. Your awesome Father’s Day edits are right within the app, ready to help you make the awesome Father’s Day gift your dad deserves!

How to use Father’s Day Clipart

To add a Father’s Day Clipart, open a pic of your superdad, bring on the Father’s Day Clipart pack from the Stickers menu, select the clipart that you wanna use, and bring it on the pic. Don’t stop there, with PicsArt, you there’s loads of ways to customize and take things further.

Finger Gestures

To begin with the basics, you can use your fingers for simple customizations like rotations, moving, enlarging, shrinking, etc. All’s intuitive and easy.

Add Frames

You can use the Father’s Day Clipart alongside the Father’s Day package of frames that is made just for the same purpose – to make sure your dad gets an awesome present for his day.

Make a Card

Make a custom card for your awesome dad this year! It will be both touching, stay with you for a long time, and totally worth it! Want to go further? Add some heartfelt messages to the frames using Text Tool and make the card 100% personal! All’s in your hands!

Print it Out!

Done with editing? You don’t have to keep the awesome collage digital-only! Save the image, and print it out! Won’t it be amazing if your dad sticks your gift to the fridge, puts it on his desk at work, or keeps in his wallet so he can look at it whenever he wants?

Share and Get Likes

Done with making the final edits? Time to share your new father’s day gift with the whole world, inspire others and just share how awesome your dad is. Show everyone who is the world’s greatest dad ever!

Want to get discovered? Be sure to add hashtags and a location to get likes and give yourself a shot at going viral.

Oh and don’t limit yourself to PicsArt only, you can also share to all of your favorite social networks – Sharing on PicsArt is instant, and you can do it directly from within the app!

Get Remixed

Use the #freetoedit hashtag when you share to make your image and make it available for remixing by other users, and see how other people reimagine your images!

Get Inspired

Search the hashtag #FathersDay to get ideas and inspiration from what other users from around the world are creating to acknowledge the Father’s Day.

Follow a Tutorial

Not really familiar with photo-editing with PicsArt? We’ve got you covered! Follow step-by-step tutorials to give yourself guidance as you learn dozens of awesome techniques and find new opportunities to make your photos stand out! Whether you want something easy, medium, or hard, there are tutorials and blog posts that will help you on your way of becoming a great artist with PicsArt.

More Frames!

PicsArt has so many more Clipart, Frames and Background packs to offer!

Is your dad into fitness and bodybuilding? Add up some Fitspiration Clipart to the pics of your dad and show him how proud you are of him making progress and devoting his time and energy into becoming the better self.

If your dad’s more into Football, get ready for the big game with this Football Clipart pack that has all the goodies to cheer your team to victory this Super Bowl

Get glamorous with Glitter Frames,perfect the art of the selfie with Selfie Frames, or show how much your friendship with your bestie means to you using the BFF Frames.

You can also try using backgrounds instead, which are especially perfect for collages. Try out the Selfie Backgrounds, add on Color Festival Masks, or get artistic with Geometric Backgrounds.

Why not just browse through the package collections in the shop? Who knows what crazy and creative ideas will come to your mind while just looking around?

Your move!

Now you know all you need to make some amazing edits for Father’s Day. It’s time to act!

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