Love Clipart

Don’t hide your feelings, express yourself through creativity with Love Clipart. Love Clipart is both heartfelt and heart-filled, with every kind of love-themed design you need to tell your friends and fam how you really feel. From chocolate hearts to lipstick kisses, make it rain with loving vibes and create awesome edits from the heart. And if you need even more hearts, get yourself some with Heart Clipart!

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Who Love Clipart is for

Love Clipart from PicsArt Photo StudioWho doesn’t need to drop a couple hearts in a pic every now and then? Love Clipart is a must-have for anyone who likes to tell the people they care about how they feel about them. Whether your camera is filled with photos of you and your besties, pics with the fam, or maybe memories with a special someone, Love Clipart gives you a way of sharing your feelings.

Where to find Love Clipart

Get Love Clipart on the PicsArt photo editor app, which is free and available for download on basically every mobile device. You’ll find Love Clipart by scrolling through the clipart menu, or by searching for it directly in the in-app Shop. Or explore loads of more clipart packs to find that “right one.”

How to use Love Clipart

We don’t have to tell you that Love Clipart is great for pics of your favorite people, but this simple pack of clipart can go a long way. Whether there is a special occasion or you’re just creating on the fly, you’ll find yourself reaching for Love Clipart time and time again.

Love Clipart Pack from PicsArt


From Valentine’s Day to anniversaries and birthdays, Love Clipart is absolutely essential for card-makers everywhere.


After any great experience, whether it’s an amazing trip or just a crazy weekend, collages are a perfect way to revisit those memories. PicsArt has a great collage maker, and Love Clipart is the perfect way to decorate and frame all of your favorite moments.

Keep it Spontaneous

With love, you don’t need the excuse of a special occasion. Throw some Love Clipart on the photo of a friend and post it to their wall. They’ll love you back for it.



After you use Love Clipart, don’t just save your edits and keep them locked away in your phone. Love is meant to be shared! PicsArt lets you automatically share any edit to social media. After you save, just choose where you want to upload it and spread the love around with the #Love hashtag.

Other clipart packs?

If you love photo-editing and using clipart, Love Clipart is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to PicsArt’s awesome array of clipart packsIf you’re still feeling lovey dovey, you might want to try Butterfly Clipart or Unicorn Clipart and just let out all of those sweet feelings. If you’re more looking into celebrating fun times with friends, try Party Clipart and dress up your besties in flashy wigs for a good laugh.

With clipart, half the fun is browsing, so look around, and if you see something you like, then give it a try and play around with it.


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