Wedding Frames

Save the date and frame your wedding and engagement photos with these super elegant wedding frames. Pick from 11 frames with a wide variety of designs that are sure to make all of you brides and grooms look your very best. Wedding Frames have everything you need to celebrate and remember your love for years to come.

Oh and don’t forget to use hashtag #wedding when uploading your images!

Wedding Frames and Collages by PicsArt Photo Studio

Where to find Wedding Frames

Wedding Frames are easy enough to find. They are (surprise!) in the Frames menu, which you can find on the lower menu bar of the editor. If you rather search by name, then you can search directly in the PicsArt Shop, which is the little shopping basket icon at the far right end of the menu in the editor.

Who Wedding Frames are for

Wedding Frames are for brides and grooms everywhere, as well as trigger happy friends and family who snapped their fill of shots at the wedding. Frames are so easy to use, that you really don’t need any photo-editing experience — anyone can use these and get great results.

How to use Wedding Frames

To use Wedding Frames, first upload a pic into the editor. Then tap the Frame icon, tap the Wedding Frames pack, and then tap the frame you want to use. It really is that simple, but for those who want to take things further, there’s always more that you can do. PicsArt leaves lots of room for customization and inspiration, so here are a couple of ideas.

Make it Fit

Line up your photo and Wedding Frame by using a simple two-finger motions on the screen after you’ve selected the frame. Pinch to shrink, spread to enlarge, and spin to rotate.

Make a Collage

After you’ve confirmed your frame, there’s always room to add more photos. Just tap the Add Photo icon to make a collage, and give each photo a Wedding Frame of it’s own to create a beautiful Russian doll like effect.


Share the pics of the big day online, and post them up for friends and family. You can share directly from in the app. After you confirm your edit by tapping the checkmark, there is a menu that let’s you choose from all of your favorite social networks for an instant upload. Throw a couple of hashtags on there and let it rip.

Other goodies?

Creativity is the key to spontaneity, and PicsArt has more than enough clipart, frames, and backgrounds to fuel your lovespiration. Love Clipart is great for giving your pics flourishes of lovey dovey stickers and that goes double for Heart Clipart, with stickers that come in a more minimalist doodle style. Flowers Clipart is perfect for giving your pics flourishes of falling flower petals and Star Clipar let’s you shower your pics in stardust. There is a pack for almost anything, so take a look around and see what inspires you. You never know what creative project you might stumble into next.

Your move

Remember the big day in style and download Wedding Frames on PicsArt today! PicsArt is free to download on phones and tablets across iOS, Android, and Windows.

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