Sky images are among the most popular. From high art to marketing, sky photos are everywhere. This category includes colorful sunsets, starry night-time scenes, dramatic clouds, and more. With Picsart you can find whatever kind of free sky image you need for your composition. Use our easy, powerful search tool to bring up a vast selection of beautiful sky images that you can download, edit, and insert into your creations–including those that you make on the app. 

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Use “Sky Pictures” in All of Your Creative Combinations

Browse our extensive image library for beautiful sky pictures for all of your projects. You can use and download these images in whatever way you wish, so consider the sky the limit when you’re designing with our free images. Explore night sky images, daytime blue sky pictures, and other professional skyscapes. 

Use pointed keywords to search our library for exactly the feel or qualities that you are looking for in an image. For example, try searching for “aesthetic sky pictures, “night sky photo,” “pretty sky pictures,” “blue sky images,” “pink sky images,” or “morning sky images.” You can also search for certain features like “pictures of clouds in the sky” or “real images of the night sky with stars and moon.” As you search, you will discover our vast collection of pictures and explore all the respective categories into which they fall. Thousands of high-quality sky images get uploaded to our library on a daily basis, so be sure to continue checking back. 

Once you’ve found the perfect free sky image for your composition, take the picture one step further. Edit your sky pic using our easy-to-use tools. You can add text, shapes, and stickers, and you can also play with or effects tools to shift hues, make avant-garde overlays and use transparencies. Take a sky blue colour image and make it black-and-white and shift the contrast parameters to give the image more drama. Take night sky pictures and invert the colors to make them look like funky daytime skyscapes. You can also remove elements, make creative erasures, and copy-paste elements of these beautiful sky pictures in visually-interesting ways.     

You can download all of our free images in just a couple of clicks and use them however you wish. You may use the images as-is on your social media pages, website, blog, or print materials. That’s what these images are here for. Just remember to give credit where credit is due. If a photo includes a credit, be sure to give a nod to the photographer whenever you use this image on social media, websites, print materials, and beyond. 

Inspire others with sky images and the edits that you make to them. Encourage others to challenge their creativity and get in touch with their artistic side using Picsart to download and transform high-quality images. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to create a visually-stunning piece. 

When you are finished editing your image, remember that you can export it for free use on all of your digital platforms. You can also save the image to your hard drive or phone for personal or public use later. 

If you’re ready to start editing, get to work using our easy-to-use, intuitive Picsart Change Sky Tool which includes search functions and drag-and-drop tools.