Change Sky Uses AI Technology

Imagine taking a picture to promote your product, an outdoor family portrait, or photographing the architecture in a foreign city. Everything is perfect; but you wish the sky in the background was a bit different. Whether you want a beautiful blue sky, something more gray and dramatic, night-time instead of daylight, or a colorful sunset; all of this is possible with PicsArt. Our Change Sky tool uses AI to identify the sky in your images. Once the AI detects the sky in your photo, you can choose a replacement from our library of skies. Editing a sky can be a very complicated process, requiring knowledge of professional software, or instead of all that, you can replace the sky in your photos using this easy-to-use sky editor with just a few clicks.

How to Change the Sky in Your Image

  • 1
    Upload your image or choose from our free-to-edit options
  • 2
    Let the AI detect the sky
  • 3
    Browse through other sky options
  • 4
    Apply a new sky
  • 5
    Download your work

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