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Welcome to our Tutorials page!

We've created this space to help you discover the power of PicsArt. Whether you're a seasoned PicsArtist or brand new to the app, we've got you covered. To get started, browse through the Tutorials library below to find something that inspires you to create.

Funky Portrait

Give your portraits a funky twist with PicsArt’s Holga 2 Effect.

Neon Sky Lights

Learn how to draw your own neon lights in this super easy tutorial!

Dotted Outline

Give your photos a funky twist using this ridiculously easy trick!

Floral Wrap

Learn how to liven up your landscapes with our Floral Pattern Clipart package!

Raining Glitter

It’s raining…glitter?! Yep. In this tutorial, learn how to use our Glitter Clipart package to give your portraits a touch of magic.

Flag Face-Paint

In honor of UEFA Euro 2016, show your support for your favorite team by using Clipart to paint your face with their country’s flag!

Seeing Sideways

In this tutorial, learn how to create a surreal sideways edit!

Under the Sea

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to combine a series of photos in order to turn a simple snapshot into a surreal underwater creation!

Silhouette Stencil

Learn how to create your own silhouette Clipart and use it to create a custom stencil for your images.

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