If you’re a student reading this, we want to say first and foremost (cue Kris Jenner’s voice): You’re doing amazing, sweetie. 💖👏 

We see you working (and TikToking) hard and respect the heck out of you for it! We wish we could snap our fingers and throw you the epic prom, graduation, and senior trip you deserve. Since we can’t, we’re gifting you the next best thing: free Zoom backgrounds to help you celebrate the most anticipated school events and milestones from home, plus a few extras for fun!

We know it’s not exactly the same, but you’ll still be able to get some pretty awesome (screen)shots that generations to come will get a kick out of. Buckle up and hit mute because you’re about to scream over how awesome these are. 😱  

1. Walk the Virtual Prom Red Carpet and Meet Your Friends on the Dance Floor 🕺💃

Red carpet zoom background

zoom dance floor background

Whatever you do, DON’T count out the 🔥 ‘fit you bought for prom. You can still rock it alongside your besties with our red carpet and dance floor virtual Zoom backgrounds. Just download them on your phone and send them off to your group chat with a save-the-date to obtain ultimate #SquadGoals. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to assign a DJ for the night!

Just now hopping on the virtual hangout bandwagon? Click here for step-by-step instructions on changing your background on Zoom. 

2. Document Graduation Day (and Night!) Right 🎓🎉

virtual zoom graduation background

zoom background for virtual graduationYou may be graduating online, but that doesn’t change the significance of the accomplishment! You did the dang thing and there should most definitely be celebratory photos to show for it (even if they’re not a true representation of what happened in reality). Don’t have a cap on hand? No worries, that comes included in grad background #1! 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓🎉 Background #2 is for the after-party. 🤘

3. Secure Your Class Clown Status 🤡

Gunning for the hypothetical class clown yearbook nomination? There’s still time to cement your fate! 🤡 Get the virtual classroom’s seal of approval with a constant stream of funny Zoom backgrounds for the remaining stretch of the school year. Have some competition? Leverage our slideshow maker to wipe out the other contenders and go down in high school/collegiate history. Design your way to victory here!

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4. Take Emotional Support Dog to the Next Level 🐾

funny zoom background of dog

If you’re having trouble adjusting to the new norm of online learning, this one’s for you. ❤️ We’ve found having a cute pup as your virtual background can work wonders when it comes to staying positive in the midst of an anxiety-inducing lecture. You can even upload a custom Zoom background image of your own dog for the days you need a little extra encouragement. 🐶

5. Enjoy Vacation Vibes From Home 😎🍍

funny zoom beach background

Having your end-of-year, last hoorah crashed by quarantine is  👎👎👎. But, that doesn’t have to stop you from making memories that’ll last a lifetime. You can still hang out with your crew on a beach, it just has to be a virtual one. 🤪 The bright side: no sand getting *everywhere* + no sunburns! Had another destination in mind? Design your own virtual vacation background here.

Looking forward to hearing about all your Zoom adventures and hoping these backgrounds bring you joy! 



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