New Year Clipart

Update your calendar with New Year clipart and get a slick new set of pro calendars to overlay on your pics for 2017. After the champagne dries up and the dust clears from your New Year’s Eve party, January first is a time to reflect and reset for the year ahead. New Year clipart let’s you look ahead to the coming months in style with professional calendar frames. And if you want to add a little more sparkle to your festive photos check out Happy New Year Clipart, too!

Who New Year Clipart is for

New Year Clipart Calendars from PicsArtNew Year clipart is for those who like to cap off the year with a reminder that it’s important to make every month count. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to get a couple of inches off your waist or travel to a place you always wanted to visit, New Year clipart is your chance to put it on the 2017 calendar.

Download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor and start creating.
New Year Clipart by PicsArt - Calendar Frames for your Pictures

Where to find New Year Clipart

Find New Year clipart and much more on the free PicsArt photo editor. The app is available for download on basically every mobile device, and you’ll find New Year clipart by scrolling through the clipart menu, or by searching for it directly in the in-app Shop. 

How to use

New Year Clipart

New Year clipart isn’t just for midnight on January first, it’s to get you ready for the whole year ahead. This clipart pack of calendars gives you an elegant way to frame your pics in the months of the year, and within that, there are a lot of exciting possibilities.


Got a resolution? Put it on the calendar. Grab a pic that represents one of your goals and overlay the calendar of the month when you want to achieve it. Motivate yourself with creativity. And maybe even add a word or two (or three!) to your pics with the New Year Wishes Clipart.

Blend it

When making your calendar overlays, play with how you want to blend them into your photo. You can reduce the opacity to fade it, or you can switch to different preset blending modes.

Brush Off

Don’t just drop your New Year Clipart on top of your photos every time, try putting your calendars in the background. Tap the eraser icon when you select a clipart image, then brush off bits to make it look like they are disappearing behind a person or object.

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Don’t keep your edits to yourself, how about this for a New Year’s resolution — share more! Whenever you finish any edit on PicsArt you are automatically prompted with the choice of a slew of social networks that you can upload to directly from the app. Pick your faves and share with the #newyear and #2017 hashtags!

Other clipart packs?

New year, new projects — don’t stop at New Year Clipart, PicsArt has loads of great clipart packs to keep your creative juices fresh through the new year. Liven up your new year’s eve shots with Party Clipart, a pack of crazy wigs to up the fun-factor in your party pics. Get those festive winter feelings with Snowflake clipart — magical flakes of snow that you can drop in your pics. There’s loads of goodies in the Shop so have a peek and explore until you find something that inspires you to create.

Here’s to a new you for the new year ahead!

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