No matter how much you love to hate networking, the best part of the event is always going through the stack of business cards you collected and picking out the most creative ones. There will always be one or two that stand out with their compelling graphic design and unexpected details. Contrary to what you may think, business card design doesn’t have to be boring! 

You might be thinking, “Are business cards even relevant in a digital age?” In theory, exchanging phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts can be done verbally and entered directly into someone’s cell phone. But, don’t discount how clearly and efficiently a high-quality business card could communicate your personal style, brand identity, or new business. Print is definitely still in! 

Read on for business card design inspiration and to discover the best business card designs that will elevate your professional pursuits. Once you’ve gotten a sense of your business card style, you can use your new ideas to design your own business cards using PicsArt’s all-in-one app and desktop editor!

What Elements Should a Business Card Have?

You’ve all heard the sayings about having one shot at making a good first impression when meeting someone. Don’t let a lackluster business card be the reason why they remember you for the wrong reasons! You might not think business card design requires a lot, but you’d be surprised at just how much you can customize your card beyond just including basic contact information.

1) Name

It should go without saying, but in case you decide it’s mysterious to leave your name off of your business card, don’t do it! Your name will be the first thing a contact looks for when searching for the best person to reach at your company. 

2) Job Title

What is your role at your current company? Make it clear to a prospective contact the value you add to your company.

3) Personal or Brand Logo

Your personal or brand logo design tells the world what your brand is, what it does, and the value it adds to your consumers’ lives. It’s also most likely the main decorative element on your business card. Make the most of your 3.5 x 2 inches by making your business card pop with a logo design and brand colors that will set your card apart!

4) Address

If your company has a brick-and-mortar location, mailing address, or PO box where it receives incoming mail, you will want to share the physical address with your contacts.

5) Phone Number

Most business cards include multiple phone numbers, including an office phone line with an extension. You may also include your cell phone number on your business card as well as a fax number if your office sends and receives messages through a fax machine.

6) Email Address

We don’t need to tell you how essential it is to include your email address on your business card. In a digital world, it’s extremely important to have your email front and center. 

7) Social Media Icons

If your business or personal brand has a social media presence, make sure your business card clearly displays how you like to connect with your audience. Feel free to include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn icons followed by your handle.

8) Link to Business Website

Whether you own a small business or run a large corporation, your web domain is the front door of your business, so you will want to clearly display your business website. You may style it to your preference, with or without http:// or www prefixes. Make sure to keep your web address clear and simple and direct contacts to your brand’s landing page.

9) Photo

If you want to take your personalization one step further, you can include a photo of yourself on your business card to help your contacts recall who they were chatting up at the event. It will surely make a memorable impact on your contacts.

10) Company/Personal Tagline

Why not communicate your brand’s message right on your business card? Let them know what you believe and how you add value to your community!

11) List of Services or Products

If your business offers a variety of services or products, you can utilize the real estate on the back of your card to share a list with your contacts.

12) Good Quality Card Stock

Don’t let a flimsy business card get in the hands of a prime contact! There’s something to be said about high-quality paper stock and how it feels when you touch it. Whether you go with a matte finish or a high-gloss effect, choosing the right special finishes will elevate your brand and make a great impression on whoever receives your business card!

business card example made with photo editing software

What Should Not Be on a Business Card?

1) Typos

Typos or any other visible errors are a major no-no in any professional setting, but they are much more noticeable on a small space with few elements like a business card. Make sure you read and reread the content and consult with a friend with a discerning eye to avoid making a mistake on your business card.

2) Visual Clutter

Business card design requires certain elements to be memorable and effective. What business cards don’t need is excessive information that creates visual clutter and distracts from the essentials. Keep your business card simple yet informative. 

3) Small or Fine Print

A standard business card is 3.5 inches long by 2 inches wide, so readability is key! The must-have elements of a business card will take up most of the available space. Make sure you don’t include any small or fine print that could make it difficult for your contacts to get the valuable information they need to know.

4) Inappropriate Language

When we say you should design a business card that stands out, we don’t mean catch your contacts by surprise! Keep it strictly professional by omitting inappropriate or offensive language from your custom business card

Top 20 Business Cards Design Examples

1) Minimalist Business Cards

A minimalist design or color scheme can give your business card a contemporary feel with its clutter-free look and clean lines. A light and airy aesthetic can be just what you need to add sophistication to your custom business card!

2) Maximalist Business Cards

More can be more with a maximalist business card design. Incorporate daring pops of color and playful patterns or motifs to create visual interest with unique design elements.

3) Traditional Business Cards

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. It’s worked for decades, especially in fields that don’t necessarily value making a high-impact statement. Use a simple font and a clean overall design for your traditional business card.

4) Outside-the-Box Business Cards

If you prefer to make a powerful statement, an outside-the-box business card could be your best bet to make them say “wow!” Experiment with colors, textures, and typefaces for a unique business card design

5) Typographic Business Cards

A typographic business card design can make just as big of an impact with text as it can with additional design elements. Typography can be extremely creative in concept when done right.

6) Large Format Business Cards

An element of surprise can be fun when you’re used to interacting in a traditionally buttoned-up business environment. Break the boundaries of tradition and wow them with a large format business card. 

7) Professional Business Cards

Keep your aesthetic attractive with an executive feel when marketing yourself or your business with a sleek and sophisticated professional business card

8) Vintage-Inspired Business Cards

Looking for a business card that exudes timelessness and tradition? Give your card a vintage look, especially if you’re promoting a business with a retro vibe. 

9) Bold and Bright Business Cards

Don’t be shy to be bold with your professional business card! Keep it light and bright to attract anyone’s eye. 

10) Embossed Business Cards

When considering any type of paper project, the first thing to think about is how it will feel in someone’s hands. When it comes to embossing, you can’t go wrong with the subtle texture it adds when you run your fingers over the surface of your business card. Go for a blind emboss — which gives a simple, tone-on-tone engraved look — or punch up your embossed letters with some color.

11) Gold Foil Business Cards

Feeling a little fancy? There’s nothing like gold foil details to take your business card design up a few notches! Whether the gold foil design element is incorporated in your logo or business name, it is sure to make a dramatic impact and elevate the look of your business card. 

12) Square Business Cards 

The most effective impact you can make with your business card is to make it memorable with an unexpected shape. While typical business card design is in the shape of a rectangle, some of the coolest and quirkiest business cards you’ll receive are square. They feel more modern and make it stand out from the pack. 

13) Real Estate Business Cards

Impress potential home buyers with your personalized business card. Add your photo and your nine-digit real estate license number on your business card along with as much information as possible for your clients to reach you where you are!

14) Artistic Business Cards

Whether you’re a fine artist, graphic artist, or beautician/aesthetician, express your dynamic creativity with an artistic business card. Add fun flourishes and painterly touches to make your card pop.

15) Personal Business Cards

If you’re currently on the hunt for the job of your dreams, you can make your own personal business card to promote your personal contact information and your unique skills with prospective employers. 

16) Modern Business Cards 

A sleek and modern business card can offer a luxurious look for any business. Make it cutting-edge and eye-catching with high-def neon hues and a futuristic look. 

17) Technology Business Cards

Whether for personal or commercial use, a technology business card can help you make contacts at the coolest high-tech companies. Professionals in technological fields typically like to have all of the necessary information without much fluff, so keep that in mind when organizing your content. Keep it simple and straightforward!

18) Holographic Business Cards

Possibly the coolest option for your unique business card, a holographic effect can give you the upper hand when exchanging information with a potential colleague. Add a futuristic and prismatic element to a traditional business card with holographic details.

19) Mini Business Cards 

Go big with a mini business card! Unconventional yet super cool, a mini business card can give you a maximum effect with its unexpected format. 

20) 3D Business Cards

Talk about outside the box! A raised logo or an unexpected texture can add a lot of sensory interest to your basic business card. Consider incorporating elements of three-dimensional fun where you can.

How Much Time and Money Can a Traditional Business Card Design Cost?

Hiring a professional to design your business card can be a big expense and can take anywhere from one to three weeks to print depending on the specific details of your order. Most graphic designers charge a premium to create a custom business card design. You may want to avoid high design fees and professional printing costs by designing your own business cards with the knowledge you’ve gained from this article!

How Do I Design My Own Business Cards?

Creating a custom business card is easier than you think. With PicsArt’s dynamic design photo editing tools, you can create the business card of your dreams in no time! 

Make Your Own Business Card in the PicsArt Web Editor

  1. Get started by selecting the Text Editor.
  2. Click on Templates in the left side navigation menu.
  3. At the top of the page, select the Instagram Story option with the 1920×1080 dimensions. You can keep your canvas’ orientation vertical to create a vertical business card or flip to horizontal if you want to create a classic horizontal business card.
  4.  You can choose a template from the provided options or you can upload your own background from your photo library.
  5. Leave the background of your business card white or select a solid color from the custom color wheel. Click on Color above your draft to reveal your background color options.
  6. Arrange your photo or background to your desired spot and keep editing with the options available to you on the left side of your screen. Play around with PicsArt’s wide range of options to add colors, text, shapes, or other images to your business card design. Get creative by adding Photos or Stickers to add some visual interest to your custom business card.
  7. Arrange your photo or background to your desired spot and play around with PicsArt’s wide range of options to add colors, text, shapes, or other images to your business card design
  8. Save your image file when you’re happy with the final result.

Make Your Own Business Card in the PicsArt App

  1. Open the PicsArt app and click on the purple plus sign to get started. You can also create your business card using the PicsArt Web Editor.
  2. Scroll to find the Drawings header and select Pick Canvas. On the Web Editor, scroll to the Create a Design header and click on the Custom Size plus sign. Select from a variety of photos, stickers, effects, text, and shapes to customize your design.
  3. Before you choose a background, scroll to find the Custom dimension option at the top of the screen.
  4. Select the 1920×1080 design dimension. You can also select the canvas’ orientation to vertical if you choose to create a vertical business card.
  5. You can choose a background from the options provided in PicsArt or you can upload your own background from your photo library.
  6. You may choose to leave the background of your business card white or select a solid color from the custom color wheel. Get creative by adding Photos or Stickers to add some extra visual interest to your custom business card.
  7. Arrange your photo or background to your desired spot and keep editing with the options available to you at the bottom of your screen.
  8. Play around with PicsArt’s wide range of options to add colors, text, shapes, or other images to your business card design
  9. Save your image file when you’re happy with the final result.

Benefits of Having a Personalized Design for a Business Card

A beautifully designed business card is a must for any business professional! Customizing your business card to match the look and feel of your brand can help you make the perfect first impression for your business. Explore the different ways PicsArt can help you create the custom business card that will take your professional interactions to the next level!


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