There isn’t a more iconic color than Tiffany Blue. Glancing at a Tiffany Blue Box instantly evokes a feeling of glamour, luxury, and excitement for what’s inside. Seriously, what other boxes can make you feel that way? The legendary color known as Tiffany Blue, founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany, made its debut in 1845 on the cover of Tiffany’s “Blue Book.” Since then, the Tiffany Blue Box has become an international symbol of class, elegance, and sophistication, which reflects the brand and its products. 

The New York City jewelry company certainly made a name for itself in the designer jewelry industry with its unique craftsmanship and high-end products. For over a century, Tiffany’s loyal clientele has consistently seen flawless jewels and began associating the luxurious blue box with the highest quality standards. The Tiffany Blue color has been deeply embedded in today’s culture and remains traditional and exclusive to its origins. 

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The Color Tiffany Blue

So, exactly what color is Tiffany Blue? Is it really blue? Or is it green? The answer is, it’s actually a perfectly subtle mixture of both. The Tiffany color originated from the light-medium version of the robin’s-egg blue color, also called forget-me-not blue. The company trademarked the color Tiffany Blue in 1998 and was standardized by PMS (Pantone Matching System). The custom color PMS created for the company is called “1837 Blue” which was the year Tiffany & Co. was founded. Fun fact: All Tiffany Blue Boxes and bags are made with paper from sustainable sources and recycled materials! 

Tiffany Blue Color Palettes 

The closest other colors to Tiffany Blue are turquoise, blue-green, mint blue, and dark cyan, all of which also have a subtle mix of blue and green. If you’re looking for colors similar to Tiffany Blue, you can’t go wrong with any of those. The colors that seem to complement Tiffany Blue best are white, black, and silver, especially when it comes to adding an overlay text. Combining any of these colors with Tiffany Blue can produce exquisite designs while maintaining focus on the prized color. The Tiffany Blue Box itself only has “Tiffany & Co” written on the box lid in a clean, black color Serif font. Other complementary colors include corals, yellows, and deep blues. Any tones from these color groups would mesh well with Tiffany Blue’s bright piercing hue.


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Tiffany Blue Color Code

In the digital world, you can pinpoint the exact digital code for each color. This makes it easy for designers to implement colors in code or through apps. The Tiffany Blue color hex code is #0ABAB5. You can search this code in most photo editing apps or programs to select the exact color of Tiffany Blue. In an RGB color space (made from red, green, and blue), the exact breakdown of hex #0ABAB5 is 3.9% red, 72.9% green, and 71% blue. These exact percentages show you just how close the mixtures of blue and green are. In the CMYK color space (used in color printing), hex #0ABAB5 is made of 95% cyan, 0% magenta, 3% yellow, and 27% black. 


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Create Designs Using the Color Tiffany Blue 

Now that you’ve learned the rich history of how the color Tiffany Blue came about, it’s time to get creative and use it in your design! For mobile projects, check out these step-by-step instructions to create your very own Tiffany Blue design. 

  1. Open the PicsArt app and tap on the plus sign at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Select the foundation of your design. You can either start out with a Tiffany Blue background color or a different foundation and add Tiffany Blue elements later. 
  3. If you’re selecting Tiffany Blue as your background color, scroll down to Color Backgrounds and select the Tiffany Blue color.
  4. For all other Tiffany Blue related backgrounds, simply type in Tiffany Blue in the search box at the top of your screen and make a selection.
  5. Start adding elements to your design via the Stickers, Photos, and Text tools at the bottom of your screen. Rearrange and resize your elements accordingly. Remember to tap Apply on the top right to save and layer each edit. 
  6. Under the Stickers tool, type in “Tiffany” in the search box for some stunning Tiffany-style stickers. Check out the Tiffany & Co soda can with the diamond straw or the Tiffany & Co watercooler! There are some truly unique stickers that will surely make your design pop.
  7. Once you’re done with your Tiffany masterpiece, tap the Download icon or hit Post.

Not using the PicsArt mobile app? No problem. Take a look at these super easy instructions on how to create Tiffany Blue-themed designs on the web. 

  1. Go to PicsArt’s Editing Tool page.
  2. Click Template Editor.
  3. Upload your image or select any image available in the library to establish your Tiffany Blue design background.
  4. Click on the Stickers tool in the left-hand bar. Type in Tiffany Blue in the search bar. Click on your desired sticker once and it will appear on your image. Don’t be afraid to add multiple stickers!
  5. Edit each sticker with the Adjust and Blend tool just above your image. You can also resize the sticker by clicking on it once and dragging and dropping along the borders using the white dots or dashes.
  6. To add text to your Tiffany design, simply click Text on the left-hand toolbar, add the appropriate text, and adjust font and color accordingly. 
  7. To add photo effects to your project, click Effects on the left-hand side, and select your desired effect. Pro tip: You can add photo effects to each individual sticker! Simply click on any Effects category, then click on the sticker. Explore the stunning variations of your sticker through each filter and select one.
  8. Once you’re done with all of your finishing touches, click Share or Download on the top right of the page. 

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