Music is arguably one of the best ways to convey an emotion, set a tone, and create a unique atmosphere. This holds especially true for videos and motion graphics. Without a doubt, music has long played a huge part in visual storytelling. By adding music to videos you can create impactful content that directly resonates with your audience. PicsArt offers a large library of stock music, the option to upload your own track, and handy editing tools that will assist you in achieving the perfect video. From our library, you can choose background music for videos that fit any theme. From up-beat tempos to subtle tunes, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect audio for your video.

Add Music to Videos for Social Media

Music has the power to enhance your videos and make them more marketable. Transform your social media posts by adding music to your videos. The perfect song will make the video more memorable for your audience, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or your website. Overall, videos with a music track perform better on social media channels and are more engaging than those with no audio. For advertisements or promotional videos, you can use dramatic music that will help evoke emotions in your audience. For more descriptive videos, you can use subtle sounds that will complement the product/service you are showcasing. Our library of stock music and audio tracks offers a wide range of categories you can choose from. Browse through to find the perfect background music for your video.

Background Music for Videos

Music also fits perfectly in tutorial and explainer videos. Just because there’s speech in your video, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add music to it as well. In fact, the right background music enhances the spoken voice and engages your listeners on a higher level. This online music video editor is perfect for those who make videos for Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and even platforms for online courses like Udemy and Coursera. Our large music library has numerous audio tracks that are perfect for these videos.


  • Fast Editing

    Add audio to your videos directly in your browser. PicsArt’s intuitive and easy-to-use Video Editor allows you to create professional-looking content very quickly.
  • Free Stock Music

    Choose an audio track from our large library of free stock music. You’ll find music for any and every occasion, mood, and purpose. Add music to videos online in just a few steps.
  • Upload Your Own Track

    If you have your own track or audio file that you would like to include in your video, simply upload it to PicsArt’s Video Editor and continue editing.

How to Add Music to a Video

  • 1
    Upload your audio track or choose one from our free stock music library.
  • 2
    Select the duration of the track and adjust its length.
  • 3
    Save your video and export it to your desktop.
  • 4
    Start sharing!

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