Try Different Virtual Hair Color Options

With PicsArt’s impressive Hair Color Changer, it only takes one tap and a few seconds to switch up your virtual hair color! Always wanted to see how you’ll look with red or pink (or insert another color) hair? Now you can see how you’ll look with any color hair before making the permanent jump. All you have to do is upload a portrait or selfie of yourself to our Hair Color Changer tool in our Photo Editor, then click on the hair color you’d like to try out. As soon as you do, our AI technology will work its magic to change your hair color in a few seconds. There is no limit to how many hair colors you can try, so keep going until you’re satisfied with the result. For extra pizazz, you can use our Background Changer tool to add a fun backdrop to your new self(ie).

Change Your Hair Color Online in Seconds

If you’re in the mood to experiment with your hair color but don’t want to make the permanent commitment just yet, just turn to PicsArt’s Hair Color Changer tool to help you out. Our handy tool is great for switching up your hair color in selfies and portraits that you want to post to your social media channels. Want to play a trick on your fans and clients? Just run your photo through our Hair Color Changer to give yourself a makeover that will shock and awe. Hairstylists can access the tool to show clients how they will appear with a certain hair color they’ve been wanting to try out. Beauty bloggers and influencers can use the Hair Color Changer to give themselves a whole new look and ask their fans to vote on their favorite color. Finish by layering on one of our trendy photo effects for added personalization.

Our Hair Color Editor Will Spark Inspiration

PicsArt’s Hair Color Changer tool is great for a virtual makeover and it completely transforms hair color in just a few seconds, making it extra impressive. The tool is beyond easy to use. All you have to do on your end is upload a selfie or a portrait (we recommend using something pretty close up), tap on the hair color of your choice, then let our AI technology do its thing. We have tons of hair colors to experiment with so you can go through each one until you’re satisfied with your look. You can even play around with the saturation level to go subtle or intense. Who knows, the Hair Color Changer might even inspire you to try a color you never considered before. Want a simple look? We’ve got many basic hair color choices. Want something a bit more funky? Try blue or pink or purple. From neutral to bold, we’ve got it all at your fingertips. Once you’re done, post your new makeover to your social media feed for feedback.

PicsArt’s Photo Hair Editor Is Completely Natural

The best part about PicsArt’s Hair Color Changer is that it gives you a completely natural appearance, so it looks like you actually did change your hair color. That’s an important detail when creating a virtual makeover. With PicsArt, you won’t get an awkward hairline. We made sure to create a smart tool that makes you look effortless and flawless, no matter which hair color you choose to go with. Go as simple or as bold as you wish by changing up the saturation and intensity of the color. Once you run your selfie or portrait through our Hair Color Changer, it’ll look so natural that you’ll soon be convinced it’s your current hair color.

How to Change Hair Color

  • 1
    Upload a selfie or portrait to the Hair Color Changer tool.
  • 2
    Click on the hair color you like and let the tool apply it to your hair.
  • 3
    Download the final product to your computer and share it on social media.

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