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What do you think of when you think of 'Valentine’s Day'? Roses, chocolate, and 50 shades of red and pink? For this challenge, we want you to create a dynamic moodboard that best captures the spirit of this 'love'-ly holiday.

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Collage Challenge

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  • Love,and,flowers,are,in,the,air,for,Valentine's,Day.,Show,off,your,romantic,side,by,using,these,rose,petal,stickers,in,your,next,edit.
    Rose Petals

    Love and flowers are in the air for Valentine's Da...

  • Give,your,next,edit,a,sweet,,ethereal,touch!,In,this,Challenge,,we,want,to,see,how,you,can,best,incorporate,this,pastel,,cotton-candy,sky,in,an,awesome,image.
    Cotton Candy Skies

    Give your next edit a sweet, ethereal touch! In th...

  • With,February,in,full,swing,,give,your,photos,a,sweet,touch,by,adding,these,heart,crown,stickers,to,your,best,photos.
    Heart Crowns

    With February in full swing, give your photos a sw...

  • Get,ready,for,a,'plume,bloom'!,Create,a,feather,sticker,that,can,help,add,a,fun,and,playful,touch,to,any,edit.

    Get ready for a 'plume bloom'! Create a feather st...

  • In,this,challenge,,we,want,to,see,the,best,photographs,of,a,single,object.,Still,lifes,come,to,life,through,experimentation,,so,be,sure,to,play,around,with,lighting,,backgrounds,,color,combinations,and,angles,to,get,the,most,eye-catching,shot.
    Single Still Life

    In this challenge, we want to see the best photogr...