The holiday season is the ideal time to get in touch with friends and family, to let them know how much they mean to you. You could say it with a store-bought Christmas card, but somehow that never quite captures the sentiment. Besides, there’s always the possibility someone else bought the same one. Awkward. But what if you could make your own Christmas cards? That way you could say exactly what you wanted, make it feel personal and show how much you really care. Well, hey, you can. Designing a personalized Christmas card is easy using Picsart. Going the extra mile won’t go unnoticed either. So if you’re looking for something special to share with loved ones this holiday season, create custom Christmas cards. Who knows, it might even become a family Christmas tradition.

How to Make a Christmas Card

  • 1
    Go to Picsart Photo Editor and select Templates.
  • 2
    Type ‘Christmas’ in the search bar at the top, and press enter.
  • 3
    Select the design you want for your Christmas card.
  • 4
    Customize your card with images and stickers.
  • 5
    Click Download to save your Christmas card.