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Unless you’ve got a bottomless pit of cash, chances are you can’t afford to constantly keep buying new phones and computers. But considering how much of our lives revolve around them, it’s only natural that we all get a little bored of looking at the same screens day in, day out. That’s why changing our backgrounds is so necessary. It might just be the next best thing to keeping our tech fresh. But unless you know how to make your own wallpaper, it might seem like something only the super tech-savvy can do. But it really isn’t. You can do it yourself with just a few taps. The next time you feel like your backgrounds need a fresh lick of paint, turn to the Picsart Wallpaper Maker. Get some customized eye candy for your screens and let the wallpaper creator bring your vision to life.

How to Create Your Own Wallpaper

  • 1
    Open the Picsart Editor.
  • 2
    Choose Templates.
  • 3
    Search ‘Wallpaper’.
  • 4
    Select the one that catches your eye.
  • 5
    Customize it to make it your own.
  • 6
    Download your edit to use as you please.