Ready for a Renaissance? Turn your portraits into paintings and selfies into sculptures with one tap by magically transforming part of your face with PicsArt’s cutting-edge Canvas effects. With 8 on web and 4 in-app state-of-the-art effects and over 4,000 classical and baroque artworks available, you can shuffle to achieve a new avant-garde look every time. To customize even further, you can layer on any of our filters, effects, stickers, backgrounds, text, and more. With Canvas effects, it’s easy to become your own masterpiece!

Canvas Effects: Endless Classical Selfies

The Renaissance selfie trend has been brewing for some time, but with PicsArt’s Canvas effects, your selfies are about to get cultured on a whole other level. The effect is quick and easy to use, and there is no limit to how many times you can turn yourself into artwork. After each shuffle, the geometric crop of beautiful paintings and sculptures sits over different parts of your face: eyes, mouth, nose, and cheeks. This results in a new masterpiece each time. With PicsArt's Canvas Effects, you get eight unique presets. Upload your selfie or choose a free to edit image and let AI apply the effect. You can easily shuffle through different paintings and artwork. Personalize your look by toning the effects down or up, then layer on additional filters, stickers, and backgrounds.

How Does Canvas Effects Work?

Playing your own muse with PicsArt is fast and fun! As soon as you upload the selfie or portrait you want to transform into artwork and click on the effect you’d like to use, our impressive Artificial Intelligence detects your face to map a classic painting or sculpture to the outline of your photo. Each time your shuffle for a new result, the crop can sit over your eyes, mouth, nose, or cheeks. If you’re not satisfied with the first edit you’re presented with, you can simply click the “Shuffle” button as many times as you wish to get a new option until you’re happy. If you don’t love the chosen effect, you can choose to tone it down or up. Then customize things even further by layering on other trendy filters, stickers, and backgrounds. All it takes to transform yourself into a painting is a few taps.

Use Canvas Effects on Your Friends and Favorite Celebs

It’s so much fun to take your own pictures to picturesque, but another exciting way to play with PicsArt’s Canvas effects is to try them on your friends, as well as favorite celebrities and musicians. Talk about turning your besties and idols into art muses. You can upload photos of them that you already have on your desktop or search from our millions of #FreetoEdit image library. Personalize things by adding trendy effects, stickers, backgrounds, and text, then share it with your friends or on your social pages. Your friends, and fan art, have never been more cultured.

How to Apply Canvas Effects

  • 1
    Choose “Canvas” from Editing Tools on web or from in-app effects.
  • 2
    Tap on the Canvas effect you’d like to try.
  • 3
    Click “Shuffle” for more options.
  • 4
    Click “Apply” and save the Canvas edit.

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