The drip art Selfie continues to blow up all over social media feeds around the world. Want to get in on the drip effect craze? The easiest way is with PicsArt Replays. You can create the perfect selfie art with Replays we’ve created just for the popular drip art trend. And we’ve made it super easy for you to use. This PicsArt exclusive feature allows you to recreate awesome edits on your own photos by going through each step on tap at a time. You can accept all the editing steps we have designed for you or opt to skip any steps that don’t speak to your style. In a few seconds and a few taps, you’ll have the perfect drip art selfie to spotlight on your socials. They’ll definitely turn heads and get all the “Likes.”

The Drip Art Selfie Will Make You Pop

One of the coolest things about the drip art selfie trend with PicsArt Replay is that it takes a simple selfie or portrait to totally new heights — all in a matter of seconds! And the best part is that it’s so artistic and impressive that it’ll look like you spent hours on it. Run any of your selfies through our PicsArt Replays dedicated to the drip effect trend and you’re sure to get lots of adoring comments. You can choose to customize your drip art selfie even further to make it even more standout. You can add all the editing steps we recommend or you can skip any step that doesn’t go with your aesthetic. Then add even more fun by layering on our unique effects, stickers, backgrounds, and fonts.

It’s SO Easy to Achieve

It’s never been easier to achieve a complex edit in seconds than with PicsArt Replay. Your hardest task will be to pick the best selfie or portrait to work with. Once you do, upload it in the editor in-app or our web editor, then tap through each step to add it to your image. With our drip art selfie Replays, the first step involves removing the backdrop of your photo with our Background Remover tool. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything but click and our Artificial Intelligence does it for you. Then for the fun part, continue with each editing step to add the eye-catching designs to your selfie. You can either choose to accept the designs in each step or you can skip it if it’s not your thing.

Drip Art Selfies Are Perfect for Influencers

If you’re in the position to influence through social media, it’s important to always stay on top of the latest photo editing trends. The drip art selfie is the perfect way to show your audience and fans that you can create something inspirational and beautiful. It’s up to you if you want to let them in on your secret: that it didn’t take hours. In a matter of seconds, you can come out with a stunning drip art selfie that will take your basic photos to new heights with PicsArt Replay. To personalize your look even further, add one of our trendy photo effects that will speak to your signature aesthetic.

Drip Art Selfies Give Instant Artistic Flair

The fastest and easiest way to create something artistic is with PicsArt’s drip art selfie Replays. Take any portrait and give it major pizazz by following a few easy editing steps that will transfer to your photo. The dripping paint effect in the drip art selfie trend adds a unique look on its own, but with all the other design details we have created for you, the result is nothing short of awesome. Your drip art selfie will definitely make your social media ooze with artistic flair.

Drip Art Selfies Will Make Your Socials Stand Out

Speaking of standing out, with any social media feed, be it a professional or personal page, it’s ideal to create something one-of-a-kind so that it reflects your unique style. PicsArt’s drip art selfie Replays help you do just that — stand apart from the crowd. And it’s so easy to do in a few steps that you can use it to liven as many selfies and portraits as you wish. Personalize things even more by using our impressive editing tools within our Photo Editor.

How to Create a Drip Art Selfie

  • 1
    Tap on the Cutout tool and use the auto-detect portrait feature.
  • 2
    Go to Effects and select one from the “Magic” category. You can double tap on the effect of your choice to lower the opacity until you’re happy with the “cartoonification” level.
  • 3
    Tap on the Fit tool and place your portrait in the center.
  • 4
    Go to Stickers and search “drip” and/or “dripping.” Be sure to pick out a sticker with a solid white background (this is important later).
  • 5
    Position the sticker over the lower half of your edit and apply the “lighten” blend mode. This is the exciting part: when the edit really comes together.
  • 6
    Add halo crown, neon, paint splatter, and/or star stickers until you’re happy with the end result.

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