Even the most perfect shot has imperfections in it. Whether it’s background clutter, unwanted text, or a logo, there are instances when you need to polish up an image — and fast. Removing objects from photos online is super easy with PicsArt’s Remove tool. In just a few taps, you can get rid of anything or anyone getting in the way of your beautiful image.

Why the Need for the Remove Tool?

Driven by users' need to quickly remove objects from photos, we created a quick tool that will save you hours. Just define the area you want to delete and the object will disappear in mere seconds. The best part is that you don’t need to be a professional editor, or even have a lot of spare time, to pull it off. Once you’re done, continue editing with our Photo Editor.

Remove Unwanted Text and Imagery

Images speak volumes when it comes to creating a blossoming brand that is here to stay. So it’s highly important to create and present flawless imagery that will resonate with your target audience. With the Remove tool, it’s possible to delete any unwanted text, logo, timestamp, or any other element that’s in the way. The best part is that it’s free, fast, and you don’t need any editing expertise to get it done.

Remove Clutter From Photos

Then there’s the matter of photos with a messy background. The last thing you want is for the world to see a disheveled backdrop in an otherwise stunning shot. That’s when the Remove tool comes into play and saves the day. Easily remove objects, like bottles, and dirty dishes and power lines and buildings, that could tarnish a squeaky clean image.

Remove Shadows and Creases

When creating product or promotion shots, it’s not uncommon to end up with unwanted shadows, folds, and creases. That’s when PicsArt’s Remove tool can take care of business and give you a more flawless end result. You can also use it to get rid of wrinkles, folds, and stains from clothing on model shots. If you want to completely change the dynamic of your background to make your product shots stand out, use our Background Changer to replace your background or our Background Remover to make it transparent.

Remove People From Your Past

There are also times when you need to remove an ex boyfriend or girlfriend (or just anyone who you don’t want in your shot) from your photos. If you still want to preserve those pictures, that’s when the Remove tool becomes your go-to. Removing people from photos is an option should you need it.

Remove Photo Bombers and Strangers

Sometimes strangers standing in the background of your photo can really ruin the aesthetic. That’s a justified reason to remove people from photos. Photobombing is yet another reason to use the Remove tool to your advantage. Both instances are out of your control, but with this tool at your fingertips, you can get rid of them in a snap — and a few taps. At the end, apply our online photo effects to your image for a final touch-up.

How to Remove an Object From a Photo

  • 1
    Upload your picture or choose one from our #FreeToEdit images.
  • 2
    Define the area you want to be eliminated from your image.
  • 3
    Apply changes and let AI remove unwanted elements from your picture.
  • 4
    Download your work.

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