With PicsArt’s online photo resizer, you have the ability to resize images easily and quickly within our all-in-one Photo Editor. There is no photo that we can’t resize. All you have to do is choose the image you want to resize and change its dimensions within our Resize tool. Type in your desired width or height, and the Resize tool will make the right adjustment for you without ever sacrificing the resolution quality. It’s that simple.

Benefits of Using a Photo Resizer

The better question would be, “Why not use PicsArt’s picture resizer?” Whenever you need to change an image size, just turn to our online photo resizer. It’s completely free and only takes a few seconds to get your image to the size you need. Once you know your desired width and height, type it into the Resize Image pop-up that will appear and the tool will do the rest for you. All that’s left to do next is approve the resizing, then save it to your profile or upload it privately to your phone.

Always Get High-Quality Images

If you decide to change the size of your images without a photo resizer, you run the risk of the final result being poor quality. With PicsArt’s online photo resizer, you’re guaranteed to get high resolution images that are ready to be spotlighted on your social media channels and website. When it comes to showcasing imagery that’s nothing short of stunning, changing your image size with PicsArt’s resizer — and simultaneously keeping the quality as high as possible — is a no-brainer. You can even utilize our handy Image Upscaler, which allows you to enlarge your image without sacrificing its quality.

Resizing Makes Web Pages Load Faster

Did you know that resizing photos can ensure that your web pages load faster? The last thing you want is for customers or clients to become frustrated with your website speed. To prevent slow performance, use PicsArt’s photo resizer to make sure that all your images are the correct size. Your website will remain relevant and user-friendly, just the way it should be. To achieve different sized images for various pages of your website, you can use our Crop tool to size your photos down in just seconds.

Use Image Resizer to Spruce up Your Social Media

One of the most popular uses of our free photo resizer is for social media profiles. Whether it’s for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube, PicsArt can accommodate your specific needs. And there is no limit to how many images you can resize with PicsArt’s online photo resizer. So if you’re promoting a single image across all your social media channels, just change the size with our photo resizer in a few taps. Make your YouTube banner photo pop, resize any photo for Instagram “Likes,” and give your Facebook cover photo an instant upgrade. After working with PisArt, your image will definitely stand out among a sea of competitors.

Make Better Blogs

To go along with your blog posts, you’ll need beautiful, high-resolution imagery that captures the essence of your copy. The two go hand in hand, so use PicsArt’s free online photo resizer to ensure that the look and quality of your blog posts will be top notch. Your readers will take notice. For cluttered backdrops, you can use our Background Remover tool to create a more appealing aesthetic. Then, when it comes time to promote the blog posts on your social feeds, you can easily change the size of your images in our picture resizer.

Prep For Printing

Your best memories deserve the best treatment. For those extra special images that require printing and hanging on the wall, you can easily use our free photo resizer to get the correct size you need without sacrificing its resolution. Whether it’s a romantic anniversary photo, an epic birthday shot, or an adorable pet portrait, fine tune the look with our picture resizer before sending it to the printer.

How to Resize Your Image With PicsArt’s Resizer Tool

  • 1
    Upload your picture or choose one from our #FreeToEdit images.
  • 2
    Choose the Resizer tool from the Tools page.
  • 3
    Type in your desired width or height to resize your image.
  • 4
    Download your work.

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