To go along with your impressive YouTube channel, you’ll need an equally standout YouTube thumbnail to capture your audience’s attention. That’s where PicsArt comes in and helps you achieve something spectacular within minutes. With our YouTube thumbnail maker, you don’t need any professional experience or even a design background. Our thumbnail maker makes it easy for you to make a thumbnail to go along with any of your videos. How to make a thumbnail with PicsArt? Use our intuitive editing tools to customize your YouTube thumbnail in no time. Add trendy effects, bold backgrounds, fun stickers, and stylish text to make your videos pop.

Create YouTube Thumbnails to Capture Attention

The best and fastest way to capture attention to your YouTube videos is to create a stunning YouTube thumbnail. After all, the thumbnails are the first things viewers see when they enter your page. With PicsArt’s online Thumbnail Maker, you can create something one-of-a-kind in a matter of minutes. Using our bold backgrounds, beautiful fonts, fun stickers, trending filters and effects, and other design tools, you will end up with something that will stand out from a sea of competitors. You can even change current old thumbnails on your YouTube page. No professional experience is required and you can get it done from the comfort of your own home!

Design YouTube Thumbnails for Any Channel

Whether you have a cooking show on YouTube, a fashion or beauty channel, are a DIY master, or a budding musician, you can use PicsArt’s YouTube Thumbnail Maker to create a beautiful thumbnail that stands out from the masses on social media. The process is super fast and easy. You pick the background of your thumbnail — you can upload your own logo, image, or pick one from our #FreeToEdit images — then customize it to match your channel’s look and aesthetic using our awesome editing tools. From stylish fonts to fun stickers to trendy effects, we’ve got everything you need to create the best YouTube thumbnails for all of your YouTube videos.

Customize YouTube Thumbnails With PicsArt

Customization is key when it comes to YouTube thumbnails since you want your videos to stand out from a sea of competitors. With PicsArt’s impressive editing tools, you can personalize to your heart’s desire until you’re happy with the result. The first step is to pick a background for your YouTube thumbnail. Upload one of your own or use one of our #FreetoEdit images if you need inspiration. Once your background is set, now comes the fun part of customizing it to reflect your style. Add fun stickers, trending effects, and text using 200+ designer fonts. When you’re all done with your YouTube thumbnail created by PicsArt, you’re sure to have a finished product that will not only grab the attention of your viewers but also make it crystal clear what your content is about.

YouTube Thumbnail Maker Is Perfect for Vloggers, Brands, and More

PicsArt’s YouTube Thumbnail Maker is ready to use by anyone creating YouTube videos: vloggers, influencers, brands, social media managers, and more. As long as you’ve got a YouTube video in the works, we’ve got the tools to help you create the perfect thumbnail to go along with it. Your audience and customers have come to expect a level of professionalism and aesthetic from you, and with PicsArt’s YouTube Thumbnail Maker, you can continue to impress them with your video chops. Choose from thousands of backgrounds to make your video pop, then customize it by adding all the important details using our intuitive editing tools, always there for you at your fingertips.

Use PicsArt’s Professional YouTube Thumbnail Templates

If you need help in creating the perfect YouTube thumbnail, we have endless YouTube thumbnail templates that will set you in the right direction. Choose from one-of-a-kind templates just for you to use whenever you need to create a YouTube thumbnail. From simple to bold and everything in between, we’ve got a ton of design options for you. Once you pick the right template for your YouTube video, you can then customize it to reflect the information you want to convey to your viewers using our editing tools: effects, stickers, fonts, and more.

How to Make a YouTube Thumbnail

  • 1
    Pick a background for your YouTube thumbnail. Upload your own photo or use one from our #FreetoEdit images.
  • 2
    Customize your YouTube thumbnail using our editing tools: effects, filters, fonts, stickers, etc.
  • 3
    When you’re happy with your thumbnail design, download it.
  • 4
    Upload the thumbnail to your YouTube video.

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