PicsArt’s online Collage Maker is here to help you bring your A-game to photo editing. Photo collages are so much fun to make because they bring together all your favorite things — all in one place. Whenever you’re feeling sad or down, you can just look back at your snazzy collage creation of your best friends or your celebrity crushes and get an instant smile.

Check Out These Cool Collage Ideas!

You can easily design fun photo collages using one of PicsArt’s bank of free professional templates and layouts. It’s the best way to show off your artistic skills, too! You can choose to make a virtual mood board, which is basically a mish-mash of all the things you love, and doesn’t have to have a particular theme or color scheme. If you love it, add it to your online mood board. You can have tons of mood boards for all your different moods and aesthetics. If you love Polaroids (do they ever go out of style? We think not), you can create a cute retro collage using one of our many fabulous backgrounds. This would also make the most adorable virtual birthday card for your bestie. Basically, as you can see, you can do a lot with our Collage Maker — so start gathering your pics and do it!

Photo Collages With Grids, Frames or Freestyle — Take Your Pick!

PicsArt’s photo Collage Maker lets you decide what kind of collage you want to make. You can use grids, frames, or go freestyle if you’re feeling more experimental. There are no rules or mistakes when it comes to making collages, so go with where your creativity takes you. Pick one of our grids for an easy start or go with a frame with various themes like birthdays, love, geometric, colorful, and more. For the freestyle option, you can choose up to 10 images and play around with their placements. Move them up, move them down, twist them, turn them — do what looks good to your unique eye.

Relive Memories and Share With Others!

Family reunions, weddings, birthdays, or a Summer party, PicsArt’s photo collage editor has templates for every occasion and can help you tell your story effortlessly. Every time you have a special occasion, pop into PicsArt to find the perfect template to show off your good times. Going back to school? We have tons of fitting frames. Getting married? Check out our romantic Save the Date templates. When you’re done creating your fabulous collage online, share it with the world on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to get all the “Likes.”

Access Millions of Free Images and Stickers

To spice up your designs, you have access to PicsArt’s awesome free-to-edit stickers and images. Don’t let them just sit there, use them on your photos to make them look even cooler and cuter! Thanks to the ever-growing library of over a 100 million picks, you can find just about anything you’re looking for, from your favorite celebrity, hobby, or embellishment. Just type a keyword in the search bar and you’ll be sure to find the sticker you’re looking for. Should you not find what you’re after, you can even create custom stickers by cutting them out from pictures already in your phone. That means you can even create a sticker of yourself. How cool is that?

Free Editing Tools to Impress

The best part about our Collage Maker is that it doesn't take professional design skills to dress up your images. It’s so easy that a two-year-old can even work it? Ok, maybe not, but you know what we mean! With our free Photo Editor, you can add photos, stickers, and text to any shot to make it even better. Or use ready made picture frames and a variety of photo grids to come up with the perfect design and instantly wow your friends.

Fast and Easy for Everyone

With PicsArt's collage frames and templates, anyone can create a stunning mashup in seconds. Forget complex editing softwares, our collage creator is made for everyone from selfie fanatics to artists to bloggers to business owners. It’s so easy to work with, you can even play around during your coffee break.

Perfect for Any Occasion

No matter the memory, our free collage editor has you covered. Need to create a birthday card or a wedding invite? No problem! Want to show off your best selfie or create a product ad for your small biz? We have that too. Browse all our pic collage templates below: Birthday, Family, Love, Christmas, Wedding, Baby, Travel, Sport, Fashion and many more!

How to Make a Picture Collage

  • 1
    Choose from thousands of designer-made templates or start one from scratch.
  • 2
    Instantly upload your own images or choose from millions of free-to-edit images.
  • 3
    Simply drag-and-drop your images into your chosen template.
  • 4
    Customize the colors, fonts, and images until you’re happy with your design.
  • 5
    Save your image and share on social media.

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