Did you know that cartoons go all the way back to the Middle Ages? That was the term used to describe sketches made by artists before they embarked upon the serious work of creating their masterpieces. By the 19th Century, Punch magazine used it as shorthand for satirical illustrations. Somehow, cartoons eventually became what we know and love them as today. But enough of the history lesson. You want to learn how to turn your photos into cartoons. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Better yet, Picsart has a whole bunch of styles and effects available. From pop art to pencil drawing, surreal and artistic, you can transform any photo into a cartoon in a flash. Ready to put some fun into your photographs?

How to Make A Cartoon Picture

  • 1
    Upload your image or choose one from the free-to-edit library
  • 2
    Press the FX icon.
  • 3
    Select Artistic Effects from Editing Tools
  • 4
    Select the cartoon effect you like and apply it
  • 5
    Click Download to save your edit