Anytime you need to crop pictures, turn to PicsArt’s Crop tool in our Photo Editor to get it done with zero fuss. Crop images online using our pre-sized social media templates or go the freestyle route. In a few taps, quickly cut down the size of any image. Whether you need to crop a photo for framing purposes or to fit your website, let us help you achieve the look you want — for free.

What is Cropping Exactly?

No matter how beautiful a photo is, it can almost always use some cropping. Cropping just means removing parts of any photo to alter its size. It can be done for various reasons, mainly to cut out objects, white space, or background noise. Sometimes you want to crop the tops and sides of a photo to help direct the focus to a certain element or person. Some cropping needs are large, while other images just need a small amount of cropping. No matter your photo cropping needs, PicsArt’s Crop tool can handle it with no sweat off your back.

It Won’t Cost a Thing!

With PicsArt’s free cropping tool, you can give your shots an even more flawless finish by cutting out a little — or in some cases, a lot. It all depends on the composition of the image and the end result you want. The best part is that it won’t cost you a penny to take your photos from simple to simply stunning. You, your wallet, and photo will all be pleased!

It’s Easy to Use For Social Media

Nobody has time to deal with difficult editing tools. That’s why PicsArt’s easy-to-use Crop tool is the perfect companion for your photo cropping needs. What’s more, we have convenient pre-made templates for Instagram (square, portrait, and story), Facebook (post or cover), Pinterest (post), Twitter (post and header), and YouTube (banner). You can use one image for all your social channels to keep things consistent. Easily save your edits to upload to your social accounts. Consider layering on a sticker or two for added fun.

Cropping Works for Professional and Personal Shots

Whether it’s a zoomed-in product shot, a stylized model photo shoot, or a lively photo of you and your friends, cropping will come in handy in all instances. All you have to do is upload the photo you want to crop, then either use one of our pre-made templates or go the freeform route. Next, play with the image placement until you’re happy with the end result. You can also choose from aspect ratio presets to be precise. Get rid of extra white space, say goodbye to the building in the background with our Background Changer or Background Remover, or center the photo for an even more eye-catching finish. Turn landscape shots into portraits or the perfect profile pic.

Crop Tool Maintains Photo Quality

One of the neatest things about PicsArt’s cropping tool is that no matter what size you decide to cut your image down to, it doesn’t tamper with the quality. The last thing you want is a low-resolution photo at the end of this process. Rest assured that your images will be high resolution from start to finish. You can also choose to upscale your images, meaning enlarge them without losing resolution.

Crop Photos in One Click (Really!)

Would you believe it if we told you that you can get all your photo cropping done in just a single click? It’s true! Upload the image you want to crop into our photo cutter, then click on the pre-made template that fits your needs, play around with the positioning of the image, then save. That’s it.

How to Crop Photos With PicsArt

  • 1
    Upload your picture or choose one from our free-to-edit images
  • 2
    Click on the “Crop tool” within Tools
  • 3
    Pick a template or choose freestyle cropping
  • 4
    Click “Apply” then download your work

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